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We also consider our customers ideas to provide something creative or innovative that our customers want. We believe in providing quality products and services at a fair price and maximum efficiency in everything we do.

We also deal with antique cabinet doors, woodworking supplies, wood stains, and materials for projects.

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We have knowledgeable staff and perfect in their job and can offer you the perfect Kentwood cabinets that suit your needs and taste.

Kentwood is a popular cabinet company in Louisiana, with over 5 million cabinets installed. We are known as the top manufacturer of custom cabinetry, providing our customers with premium finishes and quality materials at a reasonable price. Our products are well-supported by our nationwide network of showrooms, where we provide design assistance and expert installation to service all our customers locally.

The Acme Supply Company in Kentwood has put quality work into their products throughout their years in business, which is why they have seen such great popularity over time.

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