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9 New Ways to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinet

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9 New Ways to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are those random areas in our homes that seem to be begging for décor, but they tend to be a little, well, awkward. The wall is next to the front door. That open spot under the stairs. And the space above the kitchen cabinets, where it seems as if something should go there…but what?

If the styling in your kitchen seems to be lacking in some way and needs just the thing to create a finished look, filling that area above the cabinets might be the answer. There are actually myriad possibilities for decorating that space, proven through featured designers, bloggers, and Instagrammers. From vintage art to practical storage, you can put that space above the cabinets to work.

Display a Meaningful Collection of Stems and Non-Stems

9 New Ways to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

9 New Ways to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Finding a decorative arrangement for the tops of your cabinets can be easier than you think. Just do a little digging around in your attic or attic closet. Nothing’s more lovely than displaying vintage pieces in the kitchen space, where most are safe from dust, moisture, and children. Stems are a better choice than non-stems. Non-stems include coffee stirrers, balled-up napkins from the dining room, cork coasters, and matchbooks (seriously).

Hang Vintage Finds from Time to Time

Turning that same attic or attic closet into a source of vintage décor is a great way to give your kitchen space new life. Look for old spools, thread holders, vintage cookie cutters, odd wooden pieces and other unique items. Then hang them on the wall above the cabinets for easy access and pretty presentation.

Use Vintage Art for Décor

If you’re not into hanging vintage kitchen items on the wall above your cabinets, you can use that area to showcase something else – the art of our grandparents, great grandparents and even our ancestors from years gone by. It’s fun to display these family heirlooms in a prominent place like this.

Find Spots for Practical Items

If you have a good eye for decorating but no artistic skills whatsoever, you can put things to work by using them as a decorative accent. Try hanging baskets, hooks and other items on the wall, then hang your pots and pans or extra pieces of cookware on them.

Display Cookbooks

Nationally displaying cookbooks above your kitchen cabinets can bring together all kinds of kitchen-related items. Keep books that relate to cooking on display, along with potholders, Thanksgiving-themed plates and napkins from holiday meals, recipe cards, and other sentimental items that you’ve collected over the years.

Fill the Space With Tall Pieces

Tall plants are a great way to fill that space above the cabinets; choose a variety of colorful plants, such as Chinese Pistache, Chinese Snowball, and Butterfly Bush. For extra color, fill some small pots with dried flowers or greenery.

Go Graphic With Wallpaper

If you don’t have taste for artwork or décor, but you do like the look of wallpaper, consider covering the area above the cabinets with cheap vinyl wall covering. Then you can hang cups and mugs on it! We’ve all seen those wire clips that hold up the electric cords in a room. You can buy them at any hardware or department store and hang them on the wall above the cabinet, then use a piece of fabric to cover the space and hide cords, etc.

Bring in Artificial Plants

You may think artificial plants are old-fashioned, reminiscent of the kitchen decor of the 1980s where climbing vines trailed along the tops of kitchen cabinets. But these days you can find beautiful, realistic faux plants that will bring a modern vibe to any space. A bit of greenery in the kitchen is always a welcome touch, and buying a few of the same style will keep the room looking fresh and clean. Add a few other similar arrangements on the counter and dining table to tie it all together.

Include Nooks for Storage – The Basket Nook

Instead of filling the space above the cabinets with long pots and plants, use a basket or a couple of baskets for storing odds and ends. Choose baskets that are interesting, to match your kitchen décor style. For example, go with a modern look by using brightly patterned fabric baskets from Target or Pottery Barn, or choose a more rustic look by going with colorful cotton basket liners from Ikea.


Finding a way to spruce up that area above the kitchen cabinets can be done in a variety of ways. If you’re not into hanging décor on the wall, but want to include something on there like a vintage collage, choose something else to hang, such as a “picture” of your favorite recipe or cookbook.

If you’re not into putting anything on the wall, use it as a spot for storing pots and pans.

There’s a lot of great inspiration out there for how to decorate above your kitchen cabinets, so head over to for more ideas or just search Pinterest for “kitchen cabinet above.” You’ll be finding a lot of options that will inspire you!

Whole Living Magazine | Decorating above the cabinets in your kitchen is a great idea, especially if you have little space and need to bring people’s attention to your cooking area. (Photo)

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