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Acme Supply Store windows are constructed of solid wood, delivering warmth and harmony to your home.

We have a unique selection of Rotary Wood Windows, Traditional Casements, and Awnings to appeal to almost any taste. Whether you prefer a Craftsman look or are into ultra-modern contemporary living is why Acme Supply Store offers many different styles and wood species.

Acme Supply Store offers different types of wood species. From pine or spruce, traditional heart pine to red oak, we offer some of the finest hardwoods available on the market today. Our wide selection of wood colors includes Natural Clear and Unfinished to light sanding and staining colors such as natural oak, mahogany, and expresso for your palette.

Choosing New Windows Near Lacombe

The first step to protecting your home and family is making sure that every window installed is made from the best materials possible. Some windows only come in wood, while others are available in wood and aluminum clad in vinyl. In both cases, the best material is generally the wood or vinyl-clad wood windows that have thicker sashes.

Thicker frames are better because they will be able to stand up to some of the more severe weather conditions and are less likely to bow with age. Thin-framed vinyl windows will crack more easily with age and won’t be able to handle as much stress when a hurricane hits your part of Louisiana as well as a home with thicker-framed windows.

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Windows Replacement (Lacombe)

We have a large selection of window accessories to choose from. The most common window accessories we offer include window sill protectors and casement windows sill covers. We even have replacement windows for the older 1985 and earlier style windows, which are very rare to find. We offer a variety of products with many different styles and colors, so if you’re looking for something unique, maybe in a different color or unique style, we can probably get it for you.

We are also able to assist you with your home security needs too. We carry window alarms such as cellular keypad keys and window alarm sensors, which makes it possible to monitor your home while either inside or outside your house. We also carry several different types of home security cameras for indoor or outdoor use.


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Our Windows - 450-460 Series

250 Series

  • All welded frame and sash
  • Integral nail fin
  • Aesthetically pleasing exterior frame design
  • Intermediate jamb for continuous head and sill products
  • Exterior glazed equal and unequal sash
  • Optimum designed aluminum sash reinforcement
  • Multi-chambered vinyl profiles for thermal efficiency
  • Dual weatherstripping
  • DP 35 performance levels
  • Full family of products: hung, slider, and picture windows.

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