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How Much Does It Cost to Install an Interior Door?

Doors can often be an overlooked detail in your home decor, but the right door can really set the style of the room. The average cost to install an interior door is $735, but can range between $360 and $1,130, with costs jumping for more complicated styles, such as pocket or French doors. The best thing to do before planning your redesign is to get several estimates from home improvement stores and contractors.

If you are willing to go the DIY route, follow these steps:

1. Determine the style of the door you plan to install. Pick between a regular door or a pocket door.
2. Find out what kind of door jamb your door will fit into. Patching up an unfinished space between doors can be tricky, so make sure that your door fits into a standard J-frame jamb; do not use mortise and tenon, as this type of joint does not fit in most doors.
3. Buy your door, but make sure that you order the right frame for your door as well. Your style of frame will depend on whether you have a standard jamb or not.
4. Measure the width and height of the doorway to make sure that the door will fit properly and hang straight. Once you have this information, place a pencil mark where you want your new door to be, and remove everything from the opening (hanging pictures or decor on a pivot bar may help).
5. Remove any existing doors (they will be rehung after you hang your new one), and clean out any debris in the space between the walls with a vacuum attachment.

The cost for interior door installation can vary based on a number of factors. Different doors come in different styles and materials, the size of your doorway, and the style of door that you choose. Custom-built drawer fronts, adjustable tracks, and sidelights are some ways to upgrade your door without breaking the bank.
The Center for Home remodeling helps with motivation by offering two doors at a reasonable price. Door Cabinets are available in three styles: Greco modern, Greco antique and Neo modern. The construction is framed wood either pre-hung or frameless wood door.

Interior Door Installtion

Door installation may run between $225 to $850 depending on the type of door that you have chosen as well as what options may be included with it for extra costs added after purchase.
Advanced style doors are available in different styles with different materials, such as: glass, wood, and metal. Although the prices for these doors can range from $500 to $1,200, it may be worth it if you’re planning on staying in your home for a significant amount of time. However, if you’re only renting the house or apartment you’re currently living in, it’s probably not worth the extra investment.

A basic installation of an interior door is typically around $325 and less depending on what type of door you decide to buy; however, this cost can go up depending on whether it’s a style that needs to be custom made to fit the size of your door frame.

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