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How to fix a sticking door?

how to fix a sticking door

How to fix a sticking door?

How to Fix a Sticking Door –  Try these simple steps

When your door sticks, you may have several options to consider. You could spend hours at the hardware store trying to find the right parts, or you can just call your local DIY type who probably already has all the parts you need. Actually, fixing most doors involves removing a few screws, sliding out some sheet aluminum, and replacing a motorized part that is almost always in place. If it’s not in place, push harder on the door with your shoulder and you’ll likely hear it click into action again. If it’s still sticking, read on.

Sticking Doors

Sticking Doors

Step One

Many “sticky” doors are a simple matter of adjusting the hinges and then tightening the hinge screws. Remove the hinges and then adjust them. Most doors have adjustable hinges that move in or out to correct for an out-of-square door, but a more common problem is a bent hinge leaf. Adjust these by slightly bending the hinge leaf back into place with needle-nosed pliers. If you can’t adjust them enough, cut off about 1/4 inch from the hinge leaf with a hacksaw. Replace the hinges on the doors and check for smooth operation before reattaching them to the door.

Step Two

Sometimes a door that’s been removed for a paint or stain job gets slightly out of square when it’s reinstalled. This can cause the door to bind in the frame when you try to close it. In most cases, adjusting the hinges and shimming the hinge leaves is enough to get things working smoothly again. If not, then look at some simple ways to correct a problem door (Photo 3). First, check how much clearance you have between the bottom of the doors and the floor. If less than 1/8 inch, adjust either or both hinge leafs by cutting off thicknesses of aluminum with a hacksaw until proper clearance is attainable.

Step Three

The third problem is one you may not run into often, but when you do, the result is a door that sticks and you can’t figure out how to fix it. This problem can be caused by door shrinkage due to weathering or by a change in the ambient temperature. When this happens, you can make adjustments as described in Step Two, but if the door still sticks, then replace the rubber bumpers. You’ll find them just inside the jambs on either side of the door. They’re usually made of hard rubber and are about 3/4 inch long by 3/8 inch wide. Remove them only if they’re worn or cracked. Replace them with new bumpers in the same locations.

Step Four

The last problem has to do with the force required to open a door. Most modern doors don’t require any additional effort, but if yours does, then it’s probably because of an adjustment issue. Remove the door from its hinges and then adjust the hinges as shown in Photo 2. If that doesn’t solve your problem, then there’s a chance you have a weak or broken spring that requires replacing. Look for an adjustment screw or knob just inside the door. Most manufacturers drill these out of sight for aesthetic reasons, so you’ll need to use a pair of needle-nosed pliers and a flashlight to find them.

Reasons Why Your Door Is Sticking

Repairing a door that sticks can be both embarrassing and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can resolve most sticking door problems by following a few easy steps. Easy to fix, right?

Most “sticky” doors are usually the result of poor adjustment or worn hinges. When you are adjusting your hinges, make sure they move easily and smoothly in their channels. Make sure they don’t bind or slip when you try to close the door. If this problem persists after adjusting your hinges, then try replacing them with new ones and adjusting them.

Pull in the Door by Tightening Hinges

Try to slam the door to see if it just needs some oil on the hinges. If a hinge was loose when you removed the door, then you’ll need to replace it. If a hinge was worn out, then you may need to remove one of the hinge leaves and adjust it slightly with a file or knife.

The Best Way to Remove a Sticking Door

When removing your door from its hinges, lift it straight up in an outward motion and make sure that your spring is still in place. Pull straight down on your spring while pulling out at the same time. Then move both hinges toward each other until they are just touching with the top of each one touching on both sides of their channel).

Adjust the Door Stop or Jambs
If adjusting the hinges doesn’t work, then you may have to move the jambs or door stops. To do this, remove the door
and then adjust them until they are parallel with each other. You can hammer them back into place or simply file them down and replace them. Finally, replace your door and make sure there isn’t a lip at the bottom of your jamb that is preventing your door from closing all the way.

Replace Rubber Bumpers

If adjusting these things doesn’t help, then you may need to replace your rubber bumpers on either side of your doors.


So, just follow these simple tips to get rid of sticking doors. And you can contact Acme Supply Store for replacement of doors and repair of doors.

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