Top 5 Window Buying Mistakes

Top 5 Window Buying Mistakes

Top 5 Window Buying Mistakes

Top 5 Window Buying Mistakes

To help you learn to look for those windows, we’ve put together a list of the top five mistakes new red window shoppers make.

#5: Throwing Out Original Glass

This is one of the most common mistakes people who are replacing old windows make, and it can be all too easy to do so. Before you get rid of any original glass, you might want to ask yourself just how valuable it is — particularly if it’s a single pane or small sliver of glass that doesn’t even fit into the manufacturer’s size specifications. If you’ve got an old window in your home that needs replacing and has any sort of unique characteristics like this, consider holding on to that original glass as part of your window replacement project. If you ask us, these characteristics can be quite valuable and are much easier to find and sell than replacement glass.

#4: Purchasing Replacement Glass Instead of Replacing Your Window

Completely Depending on the type of application for your replacement windows, you might also want to consider replacing your windows as a whole. You could do this by having your installer replace the entire window, or you could replace just the side or outer pane in order to save some money over the long term. By keeping just the right amount of original glass, such a strategy will give you something to resell later if you wish. If you ask us, this can be a smart way to go.

#3: Forgetting to Read the Replacement Glass Warranty

Common Mistakes while Buying a Windows

Common Mistakes while Buying a Windows

Before purchasing replacement windows, make sure you read those long warranty documents that are included in many window sales. No matter how much research you’ve done for your project, it’s never a bad idea to have a little extra protection on your side. The window warranty will not just cover the windows themselves — it will also protect any additional costs that might occur over time due to installation or any damage caused by wind, sun, and rain.

#2: Getting Confused by Installation Options

Depending on where you live, there are different kinds of window installation options available to most homeowners. If you’re picking out just one window, you might want to do the job yourself — but if you have a big project on your hands, it can be worth taking the advice of your installer. Instead of skimping on quality service, you could opt for a more costly installation. We can help you make a good choice by providing everything from basic manual labor to fully-automated windows that will make the job faster and more efficient for your whole neighborhood.

#1: Not Reading Your Contract

Before signing any agreement with a window supplier, take time to read through all of the key information before making an official decision. This includes any cancellation fees or outdated terms and conditions.

Your Home Deserves the Best, So do your research:

Window companies and window dealers in your area will all tell you that you need to replace your windows.

But what if the old windows are still good? Are they really worth fixing?

The process of replacing windows can be very expensive.

Replacing Windows Isn’t Always Worth the Outlay! We’ve seen a lot of people make mistakes when it comes to flooring and window replacements because they aren’t sure what they’re looking for when it comes to quality materials, features and price.

Staying Uninformed on Warranty Policies

Many homeowners often find that a certain window can be installed in a matter of hours and then you have to sit around for a week waiting for the installer to come back and finish the job.

We suggest reading reviews and looking at completed jobs prior to making your decision.

It is important that you consider the overall cost of purchasing your windows or vinyl siding. Make sure you consider installation costs as well since some companies charge more than others. Also, don’t forget to think about warranty policies, as they can save you money in the long run.


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